IICT-BAS published three resources in ELRA catalogue


Bulgarian Treebank Corpus
ISLRN: 761-430-854-533-2
The Bulgarian Treebank Corpus is composed of 156,149 tokens (11,138 sentences) coming from three main sources in the domain of Grammar Notebooks (1,391 sentences), News (6,698 sentences), Other (3,049 sentences). It is available with syntactical and morphological annotation on a sentence basis in Universal Dependencies format.

Bulgarian Event Corpus
ISLRN: 832-960-876-604-2
The Bulgarian Event Corpus is composed 324,905 tokens appropriate for training Named Entity Recognition (NER), Named Entity Linking (NEL) and Event Recognition models for Bulgarian in a multidomain context within Humanities. The texts are domain related. They include documents from the area of Social Sciences and Humanities – scientific papers, archive documents, popular documents, and Wikipedia articles in the relevant areas.

Bulgarian Valency Frame Lexicon
ISLRN: 188-702-981-369-5
The Bulgarian Valency Frame Lexicon is composed of 9547 lexical entries organized by frames with 960 mappings to Princeton WordNet available in XML format. It is a treebank-driven resource of extracted valency frames from BulTreeBank. The frames were manually curated. The structure of the frames follows the BulTreeBank syntactic structure.

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