“Echo from the Borders”

“Echo from the Borders” is a science project, coordinated by the Greek Commission for South-East European Research and supported by the Ministry of Culture of Greece and the Bulgarian e-infrastructure CLaDa.BG.

The project is ran by the joint efforts of scientists from the Institute of Balkan Studies and Centrе of Thracology – Bulgarian Academy of Science, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the University of Crete, the Democritus University, the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum – Bulgarian Academy of Science, the University in Skopje and the Harvard University.

As part of the project, twelve lectures will be presented, covering the transborder flows of communication and differences in the areas of history, literature, language, dialects, traditions, spirituality, arts, culture etc. Each lecturer will present in their own language, however all lectures will feature English subtitles and will be made freely available online. The goal of the participants in the project is to encourage the scientific, cultural and communal exchange between the neighboring Balkan nations.



Bulgarian Language Technology for Digital Humanities: a focus on the Culture of Giving for Education
author: Petya Osenova, Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian Academy

video BLTDH Petya Osenova




This short movie introduces some of the young researchers at CLADA-BG infrastructural project. They talk about what they do and how the infrastructure activities enhance their professional development.

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