Published Book 'Psycholinguistics as Experimental Linguistics'

In October 2020 Velka Popova’s coursebook Psycholinguistics as Experimental Linguistics was published. The coursebook is aimed at students of philological and pedagogical specialties. The author adheres to a research-based approach to teaching as one of the main ways of bridging the gap between the accumulation of a large amount of knowledge in the process of education and the inability of learners to apply it in practice.

The aim of the course is to present the specifics of psycholinguistics as an interdisciplinary research field. The contents of the book is selected and organized with reasonable pragmatism in mind. The first part of the book is a brief overview of the history and the latest developments in psycholinguistics. The second part focuses on the research tools of this study field and its methodology. The third part, entitled “A short practicum in psycholinguistics” is aimed at creating in students the skills to plan and conduct a psycholinguistic experiment, as well as to collect empirical data and to structure them in a corpus.

The coursebook contains some possible practical applications of the resources accumulated under the National Consortium CLaDa-BG, such as data collections, corpora, dictionaries, including students’ individual or collaborative research.

Popova, Velka. Psycholinguistics as Experimental Linguistics. Second revised and supplemented edition. Shumen: Konstantin Preslavsky Publishing House, 2020. ISBN: 978954577-753-0