CLASSLA K Centre Workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia

06/05/2020 - 08/05/2020

In the context of the CLASSLA Knowledge Centre for language resources and technologies of South Slavic languages, the Slovenian CLARIN.SI and the Bulgarian CLADA-BG are organising a CLARIN User Involvement workshop on 6-8 May 2020 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The main objectives of the three-day lunch-to-lunch workshop are:

  1. to disseminate the language resources and technologies of South Slavic languages available in the context of the CLASSLA Knowledge Centre;
  2. to foster networking among researchers of South Slavic languages;
  3. to obtain feedback on the community needs and preferences.

The target audience are researchers (late masters or higher) and lecturers in linguistics working on South Slavic languages who either use or develop language resources and technologies in their work.

More information and the full programme can be found on the CLASSLA workshop page